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RE: The Fast Company article

Hi All,

The Fast Company story caused considerable discussion regarding LiveJournal's plans for 2012. We’d like to address this.

It’s true that we talked a lot about our plans for growth. And it's true that we have developed a strategy to grow LiveJournal’s audience. But our strategy for growth is separate from how we plan to improve LiveJournal for our current members. Our product roadmap places “improved user experience” as the force that drives us every day toward our goals.

A key part of our strategy to grow is through LiveJournal's amazing community base and content. We're on a mission to identify and help elevate interesting and active communities, much in the same way we have done with ONTD. These so-called "super communities" are not new communities at all, and they are not replacing A few of the communities we're talking to have been on LiveJournal for over 10 years. On February 15 we plan to make a formal announcement about this special – very separate - initiative.

Back to LiveJournal: We have plans, big plans, all focused on improving the user experience on the site as a whole. Yesterday we posted our annual State of the Goat that provides further information on these plans. You may have already noticed some changes to the site over the last couple months, but this is not the complete redesign – it is merely the beginning, and we're planning updates for many features on the site over the coming year

LiveJournal continues to be a vibrant, wonderful place for some of the liveliest conversations on the Internet. We have no plans to change what LiveJournal is; our plans are about how to make what we are better and better.


The LiveJournal Team
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