March 29th, 2012

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Writer’s Block is still here!…just not on the homepage

What happened to Writer’s Block? In our most recent news about Release 90, we announced that Writer’s Block, a long-running homepage feature that posed a new question every day, was going away. We were pretty clear about what was happening; the section headline “Writer’s Block ending” told most people what they needed to know. No ambiguity there, right?

Wrong. What we failed to make clear is that Writer’s Block is not gone, it was simply removed from the LiveJournal homepage. Indeed, the Writer’s Block community is still alive and kicking as it always has been, asking discussion-provoking questions on a daily basis. You can check it out here: writersblock -- and you can now join the community, and even comment directly to the daily entries if you prefer. (You can still use the Answer button to create an entry in your own journal, of course.)

Sorry for the confusion! We never intended to “kill” Writer’s Block, but we did feel it was time to remove it from the homepage based on the recent response rates. And with Writer’s Block removed, there’s room for new homepage features, like LiveJournal Today and Popular Entries, that highlight our vibrant communities and journals. But who knows, maybe we’ll bring it back someday for a revival!

In the meantime, you have a question to answer: writersblock :)

-Team LiveJournal